“No sensible person can disagree that the Saudi government is a cover for the colonialists. Colonialism is manifested in the economy, in the military bases in the country, in political decision-making, and in international relations. “- Abu Raudha

“The past century was the century of the direct colonization of the Muslim countries, under which they languished for many years. This was a time when the Islamic World had reached the highest degree of ideological deviation, polytheism, and disregard for jihad. Colonialism could not find any significant resistance in most countries, particularly at the beginning.

Toward the end of the colonialist era, the colonialist countries were no longer able to bear the painful blows they received from the mujaheddin in the colonized countries. They clearly realized that the new generations were moving towards resisting colonialism. They found themselves struggling between the strong desire not to give up their colonies and the painful deterrent posed by the jihad, which they saw growing day after day.

At this stage, Zionism intervened and put its touches on a colonialism that would ensure the interests of the colonialists and save them from the predicament that they faced. It masked colonialism in a very naive way-a way that only can fool the gullible. The colonialist plans did not change. The colonialists changed the face of their policies. Why could they not respond to the wishes of the resistance men and remove their men with the blue eyes and the blond hair from their midst and replaced them with people of their kind who spoke their language and wore lambskin over wolf hearts?

What is wrong with replacing the name of John and Napoleon with Muhammad, Anwar and Abd-al-Aziz?

Because that period had gone and today’s generations have forgotten it, the colonialists decided to repeat the process of masking colonialism before their eyes so they can imagine what happened in the past. This is exactly what happened in Afghanistan when the United States occupied that country and installed an Afghan agent, Hamid Karzai. As everyone can see, this agent has been more eager to promote the interests of the United States than the United States itself, although he has been less successful because of the mujaheddin attacks that Allah ordained against his government.

The Karzai system is the system officially in use in all the Muslim countries. The Karzai method is the same method by which all the rulers were installed, with some difference in details. The legitimacy of every such Karzai is no different from the other. There is no difference between the Karzai of Yemen, the Karzai of Pakistan, the Karzai of Jordan, the Karzai of Qatar, the Karzai of Kuwait, the Karzai of Egypt, and the long list of Karzai traitors ruling the Muslim countries.

The rulers of the land of the Two Holy Mosques [Saudi Arabia] are no different in the above details from others, although the masks the colonialists put on them are so good that they fooled many people. However, the accelerated events and the successive pressures made the situation become clearer. The taghut rulers started to say what they used to deny before and make public what they kept secret before.

In the past, Sultan denied the presence of foreign forces on Saudi territory, and some people believed him.

Today, the admitted this openly when attention started focusing on the Crusader bases in Al-Kharj and other places, which commanded the Crusader war against Afghanistan and more recently against Iraq. They no longer could make the same mistake of denying the American presence.

In the past, they strongly denied their subserviency to the United States and stressed that their alliance with it was an alliance of mutual interests, and nothing more. When the American pressures increased, Bandar Bin-Sultan and Al-Faysal rushed to admit some of the shameful deeds that had no precedent in history.

If one talked about the United States exploitation of the land and its resources, the other announced that the government removed the education of girls from the religious department to satisfy the United States. If one mocked everyone who engaged in the Jihad for the sake of Allah, the other boasted of the secular trend in the Saudi leadership.

This is as far as words are concerned. As for deeds, there is much to say. The aircraft of the Crusader campaign took off from Saudi Arabia. They were supplied with fuel from bases in Saudi Arabia. The supreme command of the war was in the Sultan Base in Saudi Arabia.

There is also much to say about their absolute support for John Garang in southern Sudan in killing the Muslims, their support for communism in southern Yemen before it fell, their support for the agent Algerian government against the mujaheddin when that government was about to fall, and their support for the Russian government when it was killing the Muslims in Chechnya.

The latest episode in their subservience was their broad cooperation with the United States in pursing the mujaheddin in the world, collecting intelligence information about the mujaheddin, and helping the United States arrest them. Because of the information collected by the Saudi intelligence agencies, many mujaheddin were arrested and many operations in the world and in the United States itself were foiled.

Because of this despicable cooperation, the prisons in Saudi Arabia have become full of prisoners, held on charges of fighting with al-Qaidah and Taliban against the United States or fighting with Khattab, and recently on charges of attempting to infiltrated into Iraq to fight there. The Shariah duty imposed on the entire Ummah (i.e. Jihad fi Sabilillah) has become a punishable crime. They are doing all this to please the United States.

No one reviewing ancient or modern history can find an example of agentry or treachery greater than this.

This brings us back to the issue of the veiled colonization of the Islamic countries. No sensible person can disagree that the Saudi government is a cover for the colonialists. Colonialism is manifested in the economy, in the military bases in the country, in political decision-making, and in international relations. Veiled colonialism has reached a point unmatched by direct colonialism. It reached the point of violating honors and removing the education of girls from the authority of the religious department at the orders of the United States, as Al-Faysal said. The 11 September events were not the reason for the Americanization of the system; it only accelerated it, as Bandar Bin-Sultan said.

Could the United States have obtained 1 percent of these interests if it had tried to occupy Saudi Arabia militarily and rallied the Muslims in the entire world?

Was it not better for it to install someone in its place to achieve all its interests?

This was a brief review of the situation in Saudi Arabia. The same-if not worse-is taking place in the other Muslim countries. Look at what is happening in Yemen, Egypt, Kuwait, and other Muslim countries. You can see various pictures of subserviency and treachery that have one thing in common: finding different ways to fight Allah and his prophet.

One of the important principles observed by veiled colonialism was establishing states combining the largest possible number of Islamic contradictions. They govern by taghut laws, pay allegiance to the United States and the Crusader countries, turn for hukm to the international body in all their cases, embrace the infidels and help them against the Muslims, turn against the religion, pursue the mujahidin, spread evil and atheism and defend them with troops and law, and participate with the United States and the Crusader countries in their war against the honors, religion, people, and country.

The ruler of a country is the one that has the authority in it. Unless he is a murtad, he can rule even if he lacked the Shariah conditions, as Shaykh al-Islam Ibn-Taymiyah maintained in the Minhaj al-Sunnah and elsewhere. A ruler who represents lack of sovereignty, pays primary attention to the interests of the enemy of the nation, disregards the Shariah intentions and the interests of his people when they contradict the desires of the enemy of Allah, his apostle, and his believers-is an agent without authority, according to jurisprudence. The real ruler is the Crusader United States. The subserviency of such rulers is no different from the subserviency of the amirs or governors of  provinces to the king or the president. The rule of the agent is the rule of the one who made him his agent. Fighters really will be fighting those who put them in this position and made them rulers over the Muslims.”

(Source: The East Riyadh Operation and our War with the United States and its Agents by Abu Raudha)


“The rulers had sought to make people give up their most important rights that Allah had given them.”- Usama Bin Laden’s last speech

“All praise to Allah, we praise Him, and we ask for His assistance and forgiveness. We seek His protection from the evils within ourselves and the sins of our actions. Whomever Allah guides is not led astray, and whoever is led astray has no guide. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, alone without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger. Thereafter:

My Muslim Ummah:

We follow along with you this great historical event. We share with you the joy and happiness and the delight and gladness. We rejoice for your joy, and we grieve for your distress. Congratulations to you and your triumphs, and may Allah have mercy on your martyrs, treat your wounded, and release your prisoners.

The Ummah always directed its fact expecting a victory to emerge from signs in the East, but instead the sun of the revolution rose from the West. The revolution radiated from Tunisia, and the Ummah was please, the faces of the people were illuminated, the throats of the rulers were choked, and the Jews were alarmed by the closeness of the threat.

With the fall of the tyrant also fell the meanings of humiliation, submission, fear, and limitation, and the meanings of freedom, dignity, courage, and initiative arose. The winds of change were blowing with desire for liberation, and Tunisia took the lead. As quick as lightning, the knights of Egypt took what they learned from the nobel people of Tunisia to Tahrir Square. Another great revolution was launched, and what a revolution it was. It was a fateful revolution for all of Egypt and the whole of the Ummah, so long as it adheres to the connection of its Lord. The revolution was not one of food and clothing but one of dignity and defiance, a revolution of sacrifice and giving. The Nile was illuminated from top to bottom, and the youth of Islam saw their glory  and their souls yearning for the time of their ancestors. They took over the torch from Tahir Square in Cairo to frustrate the tyrannical regimes, stood in the face of evil, rose their fists against it, and did not fear its soldiers. They made a promise and kept it, for the high-minded are steadfast, and the hands are helpful, and the revolution has promise.

To the noble rebels in all countries:

Maintain the initiative, and beware of dialogue, for there is no half-way meeting point between the people of righteousness and the people of deception. Far be it from both. Remember that Allah has placed upon you days that will have an aftermath. You are their knights and leaders, and in your hands are the reigns. The Ummah has saved you for this glorious event, so continue the path, and do not be afraid of difficulties.

He will not stop unless the stated goals and combined hopes are fulfilled, with Allah’s permission. Your revolution is the landmark and place of hope for the hurt and wounded. You have released great sorrow from the Ummah, so may Allah relieve you of your sorrows. You have achieved great hopes, so may Allah fulfill your hopes.

O sons of my Muslim Ummah:

Before you there is a dangerous crossroads and a great, historic, and rare opportunity for advancing the Ummah and becoming liberated from serving the whims of the rulers, man-made laws, and Western domination. It is a great sin and great ignorance to waste this opportunity that the Ummah has awaited for many decades, so take it and destroy the idols and pagans, and establish justice and faith.

In this respect, I remind the faithful people that the creation of a council to offer opinion and advice to the Muslim people on all the important points is a Shariah duty. This is important for some of the zealous people who had advised earlier of the necessity of eradicating these unjust regimes and who are widely trusted among the Muslim masses. It is upon them to begin this project and announce it soon, detached from the control of the oppressive rulers, and establish a command center that keeps up with events, working in parallel lines that cover all of the Ummah’s needs, while benefiting from the suggestions of those with the prohibitive authority in this Ummah, and to resort to the qualified research centers and the intelligent people among the people of knowledge, in order to save the people who are fighting to bring down their tyrants and whose sons are being killed, and to advise the people who have already brought down some of the pillars of the rulers of the necessary steps to protect the revolution and achieve its aims.

And likewise, cooperate with people whose revolution has not been launched yet, so as to specify the zero hour and what its pre-requisites are. Delay increases the chances of missing the opportunity, and moving before its time increases the number of victims. And I think that the winds of change will encompass the whole Islamic world, with Allah’s permission. The people should prepare what is necessary and not go through with something before consulting the faithful people of experience, who stay away from half-solutions and befriending the oppressors.

My Muslim Ummah:

The past few decades have witnessed several revolutions for which people rejoiced, but then they quickly tasted their afflictions. The path to preserve the Ummah and its revolutions today from loss and injustice is to launch a revolution of awareness and correction of terms in most of the fields, and especially the basic ones. The most important among them is the first pillar of Islam, and among the good books that were written on the subject is ‘Concepts that Must be Corrected’ by Sheikh Muhammad Qutb.

The weak awareness in many of the sons of the Ummah that is a result of the wrong culture spread by the rulers for many decades is the grand tragedy. The other tragedies of the Ummah are merely a result of this: the culture of humiliation, neglect, submission, and giving absolute obedience to the rulers- worship them and not Allah- and giving up the most important religious and worldly rights to them, and making the values, principles, and people revolve in their orbit, making man lose his humanity, and making him run behind the ruler and his will without awareness or insight, becoming sycophants.

If people do good, they will do good, and if people do bad, they will do bad, which makes these people a product that the ruler can do with as they please. Those are the victims of oppression and injustice in our lands, whom the rulers brought out to shout their name and stand in their bunkers. The rulers had sought to make people give up their most important rights that Allah had given to them, so they sabotaged the minds of the Ummah and marginalized its rule in the important public affairs by co-opting the efforts of the media and religious governmental institutions so as to give them legitimacy. They tricked the eyes of people and their will and minds and promoted the paganism of the rule and established it falsely int he name of religion and the homeland, so that people can respect it and place it in their souls, and so that the elderly would consider it holy. And the youth are not safe from it. The youth who are our responsibility and are born in innocence. They murdered their innocence without conscience nor mercy, making the adults grow old over this and making the young become youths. The tyrants increased their tyranny, and the oppressors increased their oppression.

So what are you waiting for? Save yourselves and your children, for the opportunity has come, especially after the youth of the Ummah had taken on the burdens of the revolution and its tragedies and the bullets of the tyrants and their torture. They paved the road with their sacrifices and established the bridge of freedom with their blood. Youths in the prime of life divorced the world of humiliation and defeat, engaging dignity or death. Do the rulers realize that the people have left and will not return until they fulfill the promises with Allah the Almighty’s permission.

And in conclusion:

The great injustice in our country has increased to a large extent, and we were very late in condemning and changing it. Whoever begins should finish what he has started, and Allah will make him victorious. Whoever has not begun should prepare equipment for the matter.

So congratulations to those who came our with this great intent, for if they are killed, they are the master of the martyrs. And if they live, then it is with dignity and defiance, so support righteousness and do not be worried.

O Allah, open the way for those who wish to establish Your religion with victory, and grant them patience, success, and certainty.

O Allah, give guidance to this Ummah in which the people who obey You are dignified and the people who disobey You are humiliated, and in which goodness is enjoined and evil is forbidden.

O Allah, give us good in this world and in the afterlife, and save us from the torture of hell.

O Allah; strengthen our weakness, and mend our fractures, and make our feet steadfast.

O Allah, attack the local and international unjust rulers, and make us victorious over the unjust people.

And our last prayers are all praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.”

(Source: https://ia600504.us.archive.org/6/items/the-martyr-of-islam-last-speech-to-his-muslim-nation-imam-osama-bin-laden/he-martyr-of-islam-last-speech-to-his-muslim-nation-imam-osama-bin-laden.pdf)

“So seek safety fast, for there is a vigorous seeker pursuing you: the grave.”-Ali (Pbuh)

“One day, Ali (Pbuh), mounted the podium, praised Allah and thanked Him and mentioned death, ‘O Allah’s slaves! There is no escaping from death. If you stand in its path, it will take you, and if you run away from it, it will still take you. So seek safety fast, for there is a vigorous seeker pursuing you: the grave. Beware of its smallness, darkness and aloneness. Verily, the grave is either a hole of the Fire or a garden in Paradise. Verily, the grave speaks thrice each day and proclaims, ‘I am the house of darkness. I am the house of worms. I am the house of aloneness.’ Verily, what comes after that is a Day in which the baby gets white hairs and the adolescent becomes drunk.”

(Source: https://ia600206.us.archive.org/26/items/SilentMomentsTheDescriptionOfBeforeAfterDeathAspects/Silent%20Moments%20-%20The%20Description%20of%20Before%20&%20After%20Death%20Aspects.pdf)

“Do you consider the killing of women and children to be Jihad? Why have you- to this day- not carried out any strike in Israel?” A Question and response for Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri

“My reply is that we haven’t killed the innocents, not in Baghdad nor in Morocco, nor in Algeria, nor anywhere else. And if there is any innocent who was killed in the Mujahideen’s operations, then it was either an unintentional error, or out of necessity as in cases of al-Tatarrus [taking of human shields by the enemy]. I explained in detail the ruling concerning al-Tatarrus in the book The Healing of the Believers’ Chests and in the eighth chapter of the book The Exoneration and the brother Abu Yahya al-Libi has a book called Al-Tatarrus in Contemporary Jihad.

I would like to clarify to the brother questioner that we don’t kill innocents: in fact, we fight those who kill innocents. Those who kill innocents are the Americans, the Jews, the Russians and the French and their agents. Were we insane killers of innocents as the questioner claims, it would be possible for us to kill thousands of them in the crowded markets, but we are confronting the enemies of the Muslim Ummah and targeting them, and it may be the case that during this, an innocent might fall unintentionally or unavoidably, and the Mujahideen have warned repeatedly the Muslims in general that they are in a war with the senior criminals- the Americans and the Jews and their allies and agents- and that they must keep away from the places where these enemies gather.

The Crusader-Jewish propaganda claims that the Mujahideen kill the innocent, but the Muslim Ummah knows who its enemy is and who defends it.

Shaykh Usama Bin Laden says in his latest speech, ‘I reassure the Muslims in general and our people in the neighboring states in particular that they will only receive ever good thing from the Mujahideen, Allah permitting, because we are your sons defending the Ummah’s religion, and in the same way we are defending its sons. And the victims among the Muslims’ sons who fall during the operations against the unbelievers and Crusaders or their usurping agents are not intentional. And Allah knows that it saddens us greatly, and we are responsible for it, and we seek Allah’s forgiveness for it, and we ask Allah to have mercy on them and cause them to enter his spacious Gardens and compensate their families and near ones well.

‘It is not hidden from you that the enemy intentionally takes up posiitons in the midst of the Muslims, for them to be human shields for him. And here I emphasize to my brothers the Mujahideen to beware of expanding the issue of al-Tatarrus, and to make sure that their operations targeting the enemies are regulated by the regulations of the Shari’ah and as far as possible from the Muslims.’

‘Rather, our hostility is directed towards the puppet rulers, those whom we don’t reassure, but in fact strive to topple them and bring them before the judiciary of the Shari’ah. How can we reassure them, when they have allied themselves with the Ummah’s enemies and done all manner of things to it? How can we reassure them, when they have made the law of men partner to the Law of Allah the Most High? And how can we reassure them, when the road to the widest front for the liberation of Palestine passes through the territories controlled by them?’ These were his words, may Allah protect him.

As for the statement of the questioner ‘I challenge you and your orgainzation to do that in Tel Aviv,’ I don’t know- hasn’t the questioner heard that Qaida al-Jihad struck the Jews in Jerba, Tunisia and struck the Israeli tourists in Mombasa, Kenya, in their hotel, then fired two missiles at the El-Al airliner carrying a number of them? Hasn’t the questioner heard what Shaykh Usama bin Laden (may Allah protect him) mentioned in his last speech, that the battalions of the Mujahideen, after expelling the occupier from Iraq, shall make their way towards Jerusalem? Hasn’t the questioner heard that Allah (the Glorious) has honored us with the dealing of blows to America- the head of international unbelief- and its allies- like England, Spain, Australia and France- in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemen, and Algeria? And those are Israel’s fathers, creators, guardians and protectors.

And then why does the questioner focus on how al-Qaida in particular must strike in Israel, while he doesn’t request- for example- the Jihadist organizations in Palestine to come to the aid of their brothers in Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq? If this is become of his good opinion of al-Qaida and that it must strike Islam’s enemies everywhere, then we thank him for his good opinion, and we promise our Muslim brothers that we will strive as we can to deal blows to the Jews inside Israel and outside it, with Allah’s help and guidance. And from Allah we seek help.”

(Source: https://azelin.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/the-open-meeting-with-shaykh-ayman-al-zawahiri-1429h.pdf)

Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri talks about why they are being targeted

“Let us speak frankly. This campaign and media furor is basically directed against and focused on Al-Qa’ida of Jihad because, in American eyes, it is the most dangerous opponent to US interests and national security. What Al-Qa’ida advocates is liable to shake America’s very existence. Otherwise internal conflicts have been found in the Moroccan desert, Sudan, Lebanon, and Yemen for decades but no one raised an furor about them.

We in Al-Qa’ida of Jihad do not seek internal conflict. We seek to expel the invaders from the Muslim lands and establish a Muslim state. As we have been led by the mental efforts we made to act in accordance with Shari’ah, our practical plan, which we have repeatedly announced, is the following:

a.) Striking at crusader and Zionist targets; and

b.) making serious efforts to change these corrupt regimes and establish an Islamic order.

I repeat that serious efforts are necessary. I do not mean attending a conference or demonstrating for an hour or even attending a lesson for two hours. There might be among the efforts used by making serious efforts is a much larger undertaking. Serious efforts to make changes are much bigger than some people who believe that it is possible to bring victory to the Muslim nation while sitting in their offices among papers and books, criticizing this person and correcting the other person without ever joining the real battle, offering sacrifices in the form of their persons, wealth, children, or leaving their homeland, jobs, salaries, and other trivial worldly things.

Serious efforts to bring about change require:

1.) Sincerity in pursuing the objective for the pleasure of God; and

2.) persistence, perseverance, and determination to reach the goal in addition to mobilizing and organizing resources, planning one’s steps and seizing opportunities.

The great Islamic poet Allamah Mohamed Iqbal, may he rest in peace, says:

To the sun always make your way
In the heat of the day and early morning.

They also require a willingness to sacrifice one’s dearest possessions, including one’s life to reach the objective and be ready to live under pursuit, be made homeless and poor, or spend one’s best years of life in jail.

When we do this, we will have done our best and all that is left is to implore God for victory.”

(Source: https://fas.org/irp/dni/osc/exoneration.pdf )

Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri talks about where Egypt is heading

“The first question: If we took Egypt as a model of the Arab and Islamic countries, is there any hope of peaceful change in Egypt? Is there any hope of at least peaceful demonstrations in Egypt when the government is working on a law that it will push through the People’s Assembly to ban demonstrations at houses of worship? By this it means no demonstrations at Al-Azhar, the very place where Egyptians have protest against injustice for hundreds of years?

Let me ask the question with more frankness: Is the situation in Egypt improving or getting worse? Let us examine its foreign policy, the corruption in the country, its economy, and agriculture. Let us explore not Shari’ah and religion but normally recognized morals in the media and in public life, human rights, poverty, sickness, and education. Where is Egypt heading? Is it heading towards the leadership of the Arab and Islamic world or is it heading towards being a client and subservient? Do its ruler defend its rights or are his best efforts devoted to acting as America’s broker or informant who submits to it reports on his colleagues, the other Arab rulers?

The second question: Keeping in mind the reality to which I referred in the first question, does this document offer a plan for change in our Arab and Islamic countries or do its six options- a) emigration, b) self-isolation, c) amnesty, d) withdrawal from action, e) patience, and f) concealment of faith- supply the recipe from escaping from reality?

Escaping from reality might be a Shari’ah sanctioned solution vis-a-vis the corrupt conditions that cannot be changed. Imam Al-Bukhari, may he rest in peace, cited Abu-Sa’id al-Khidri, may his soul find favor with God, that the prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said, ‘It might be best for a Muslim to herd his sheep through the narrow mountain passes and follow the pasture in order to keep his religious faith safe from conflict and sedition.’

Do those who welcome the document see the situation like this? Escape from reality might be a solution that is against Shari’ah to which a person might be pushed by different motives. It remains a solution for one person or a group of persons but it cannot be a solution for a society, a population, or a nation. If it cannot be a solution for a society, a population, or a nation, then more logically it cannot be a solution to a nation that is the victim of aggression, whose land is occupied, whose territories are stolen, and whose sanctities, creed, and values are under attack.

Furthermore the document’s author does not offer this merely as a solution for himself or even for those who signed alongside him at the official government departments or the other detainees or even the other Islamic movements. He offers this as a solution to the whole nation!

It is astonishing that when he was proposing his solution to the whole nation or even to the Islamic movements or the detainees, he offered emigration as a solution. This drove me to ask: emigration to where? The best place where a Muslim can live in dignity today is among the mujahidin, whom the author said were living in caves under the protection of tribesmen and intelligence services. Those who welcomed his document said that it was at least a step on the road. But I ask: What road? Where does it lead?

This makes me caution the document’s author and all those who signed it alongside him to look and explore in which direction they are pushing them? To what destination are they taking them? To proclaim their repentance, consider Al-Sadat a martyr, and recognize Husni Mubarak and his children and grandchildren as an Egyptian ruling dynasty? This makes me ask the same question of those who welcomed the document: To where? It is a simple question but is very embarrassing.

A section of those who welcomed the document do not believe in Islam and do not want it. Another group claims that it wants Islam on condition that it should not negatively affect its official and informal relations with power centers and official and non-official media. Others want Islam without it posing a threat to their positions, salaries, and other privileges. Another group is prepared to pay a small price for its Islamic belief but some of its leaders do not object to the establishment of a bi-national secular state in Palestine on the way to finally achieving two states in the land of Palestine. So, to where are they going? Does the nation not have the right to ask? Are they not obligated to answer? Finally are those not worthy of being asked?

They claim that they welcome the document because it calls for halting internal conflict. I ask them: When did the internal conflict ever stop? The government conducts internal conflict against its people on a daily basis, in every sphere.

Furthermore the document does not call for a halt of internal conflict. It goes far beyond this. It calls for no objection to injustice and refusal to be preoccupied with public affairs or the Muslim people’s affairs. The document solves the problem of a captive who feels he has made enough sacrificies or regrets that he has made them and who wants to devote his attention to his own affairs. This, by the way, has been its author’s problem for the past 14 years. It does not, however, solve the problem of a society, population, or nation.

I might understand that a captive might make such a declaration in his circumstances of detention. I was twice a captive, may God be praised for everything, and I know what it is like to be in capitvity. However, the Muslim nation in Egypt and elsewhere can do without this decision completely in these tempestuous circumstances in its history.

Let us assume that the internal conflict stopped and no one disturbed public order any more. Would those who welcomed the document have then arrived at the goal they wanted? Would conditions be better or would they deteriorate? Moreover, why are you urging the oppressed detainees inside the Egyptian jails and members of Al-Qa’ida of Jihad to sign the document so that the internal conflict might stop but you do not ask HAMAS to do the same? Has not HAMAS carried out and does it not continue to carry out internal conflict? Is this not a clear contradiction?

Would it be logical for a person who sees eye to eye with the document’s author to draw up a document for the Palestinians urging them to abandon jihad because it caused the shedding of Muslim blood and tell them that they have to make a choice among the six options offered by the document?

If it is claimed that there is a big difference between Egypt and Palestine because Palestine is under Jewish occupation, the answer is that Jewish occupation does not justify the shedding of Muslim blood. There is a US occupation in Egypt and the number of Muslim dead who were killed by US planes that took off from Egypt and from the US warships that passed through the Suez Canal were supplied at Egyptian ports and were loaded from the US military stores in Egypt was greater than the number of Palestinians whom the Jews are killing in Gaza; 1 million Iraqi children were killed by the embargo, not the war. ”

(Source: https://fas.org/irp/dni/osc/exoneration.pdf )


Ibn al-Khattab talks about being a good ally

“Here I want to clarify what Al-Nosra means (giving support). It is important to be prepared for every battle in any place. There is no difference if you know this area or not, or if you know anyone in it or not. You must come fully prepared, knowing how to use weapons and have knowledge about the military matters or other important matters regarding military actions. And you should coordinate with the people inside regarding military operations.”

“There is no difference in the battles of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Chechnya, Bosnia or somewhere else. Fighting is fighting brothers, the Ansar brothers who should come to support and help the people became a burden, they come to the field and ask for help from the people who need help?!”

“If we come to a cause and begin to ask its people for help, knocking on the doors of the leadership, asking for meetings, and demanding petrol, diesel, ammunition, plans for an ambush or operation then this not the true meaning of support. In reality you are only increasing the problems. These things happened but we tried to avoid it and didn’t allow anyone to interfere in our work.”

“We began to work and prepare. I said to the brothers that if anyone wants to be involved in any action he should be prepared and shouldn’t ask anything from anyone. It’s true that they came to support and coordinate under one leadership from that country, but going to battle and arranging the matters should be in the hands of the Ansar, if they were one group or more.”

“We explored the area and prepared all matters. We only asked the Tajik for one thing. We said to them: ‘We don’t want your money or weapons. We won’t cost you anything. We came to give you aid. We just want one thing: Mujahidin who you endorse and know, so that we train them and prepare them with everything. After those men are fully trained we can enter the battles. We have entered in front of those people. We shouldn’t urge people while we are sitting or talking through the radio. We should be in front of them. If we present anything good then it is for Islam and if we didn’t present anything we wouldn’t cost you anything. So that no one will say that Al-Ansar came to use from this group and we gave them weapons, ammunition and clothes, but they cheated us or they didn’t know what to do, or they cost us heavy expenses for nothing, and such talk that would be said by the hypocrites or who work on such matters.”

“To put everything on the shoulders of the Tajik is not right. There were many problems and the hypocrites were working from the inside. So unfortunately the brothers came out with a bad idea and said things that shouldn’t have been said. There was no need for these matters.”

“I remember that I met some good youth inside Dagestan. So I asked them why do you not participate with your brothers in the land of Chechnya. They said because there is Dzhokhar Dudayev and they the Chechens were Sufis, polythesists and such talk. So I began to discuss with them about somethng else because I coudn’t deny what they were saying. But I said to them, your enemy is one, which is the Russians, and you have one history and you have one Imam (Shamil). Dzhokar Dudayev won’t live forever, he will die and Islam will stay.”

“I said to them that what you are saying is wrong. Not about Dzhokar Dudayev. Maybe he is a communist- I don’t know him- and if the Chechens are Sufis, you can carry the right Aqeeda and you have to participate, and no one can force you to be under the command of those people.”

“I swear to Allah that I cried when I asked an old lady: ‘How long will you hold out?’, she said: ‘We want to get rid of the Russians’, and I asked her: ‘Why are you fighting?’, she said: ‘We want to live as Muslims and dont want to live with the Russians’. So I asked her: ‘What can you give the mujahidin?’, she said: ‘I have nothing but my jacket which I’m wearing.’ So I cried, if this old woman can help the mujahidin with this, why are we afraid and hesitant?”

“What I wish from the soldiers of Islam is that, if they go to a cause that they directly coordinate with the supreme leadership, visit the region and study it and then prepare for everything from transportation and ammunition, etc… and arrange all the matters, then immediately at one time the groups enter, and begin to train the people. This is the experience we benefited from after the fighting.”

“For example in Afghanistan we had a big problem. They established institutions, universities and big matters regarding the Dawah, Jazahom Allah Khayran. There were people with a certain methodology and others with a second and third methodology, but the people did their best. But after four years of study what will be the fate of the student? He will work as a manager in that guest house or immigrat to the Gulf to learn Arabic or becomes a merchant. What should have been done is; complete the chain that started and you would have established a great base after that, you can send him to the fronts or to another group.”

“Also we shouldn’t interfere in internal problems and respond only if we were assulted, and we respond in the same way. But to enter and support some of the groups over others, then no. Many people tried to drag us to such problems, but with the grace of Allah, we closed that road.”

“We also have to stay away from discussions and arguments that have no benefit, especially with the heads of the people and the elderly. It’s up to them and they won’t understand the issue. There are youths who are more important; they are in need of Dawah and education. We need to organize programs for that.”

(Source: https://ia600302.us.archive.org/29/items/TheMemoriesOfAmirKhattabTheExperienceOfTheArabAnsarInChechnya/Memories.pdf )

The beginning of Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount

“And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying:

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God.

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake

Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you

Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.

Let your light shine so before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”

(Source: Book of Matthew, 5:2-18, KJV)

A poem about righteous people and sin by Imam Ash-Shafi’i

“I love righteous people, even though I am not one of them, that I might gain the benefit of shafa’ah.

I dislike those who trade in sin, even though we might be both dealing in the same trade.”

(Source: https://ia600206.us.archive.org/26/items/SilentMomentsTheDescriptionOfBeforeAfterDeathAspects/Silent%20Moments%20-%20The%20Description%20of%20Before%20&%20After%20Death%20Aspects.pdf )


“Make full use of your health”

“It is reported that Al-Hasan Al-Basrī – Allāh have mercy on him – once said during the funeral of a man:

May Allāh have mercy on the man who works for the likes of this day; for today you are able to do what these brothers of yours, the residents of these graves, cannot do. So make full use of your health and free time before the day of distress and accounts comes upon you.

Ibn Abī Al-Dunyā, Dhamm Al-Dunyā article 53.”

(Source: https://www.sayingsofthesalaf.net/between-you-and-the-one-in-the-grave/ )