Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri talks about why they are being targeted

“Let us speak frankly. This campaign and media furor is basically directed against and focused on Al-Qa’ida of Jihad because, in American eyes, it is the most dangerous opponent to US interests and national security. What Al-Qa’ida advocates is liable to shake America’s very existence. Otherwise internal conflicts have been found in the Moroccan desert, Sudan, Lebanon, and Yemen for decades but no one raised an furor about them.

We in Al-Qa’ida of Jihad do not seek internal conflict. We seek to expel the invaders from the Muslim lands and establish a Muslim state. As we have been led by the mental efforts we made to act in accordance with Shari’ah, our practical plan, which we have repeatedly announced, is the following:

a.) Striking at crusader and Zionist targets; and

b.) making serious efforts to change these corrupt regimes and establish an Islamic order.

I repeat that serious efforts are necessary. I do not mean attending a conference or demonstrating for an hour or even attending a lesson for two hours. There might be among the efforts used by making serious efforts is a much larger undertaking. Serious efforts to make changes are much bigger than some people who believe that it is possible to bring victory to the Muslim nation while sitting in their offices among papers and books, criticizing this person and correcting the other person without ever joining the real battle, offering sacrifices in the form of their persons, wealth, children, or leaving their homeland, jobs, salaries, and other trivial worldly things.

Serious efforts to bring about change require:

1.) Sincerity in pursuing the objective for the pleasure of God; and

2.) persistence, perseverance, and determination to reach the goal in addition to mobilizing and organizing resources, planning one’s steps and seizing opportunities.

The great Islamic poet Allamah Mohamed Iqbal, may he rest in peace, says:

To the sun always make your way
In the heat of the day and early morning.

They also require a willingness to sacrifice one’s dearest possessions, including one’s life to reach the objective and be ready to live under pursuit, be made homeless and poor, or spend one’s best years of life in jail.

When we do this, we will have done our best and all that is left is to implore God for victory.”

(Source: https://fas.org/irp/dni/osc/exoneration.pdf )


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