“How long should our unawareness continue?”- Ibrahim bin Ad-ham

“Our hearts were covered with three seals, and verily, the slave will not reach certainty [in Faith] until these seals are removed: delight in what is there, sorrow for what has been lost and rejoice by receiving praise. When you are delighted with what you have, you are a tightwad. If you grieve for what has been lost, then you are an outraged person, and such a person will taste the torment. If you rejoice when you are praised, then you are proud, and the proud will have their actions annulled.”- Ibrahim bin Ad-ham

(Source: https://ia600206.us.archive.org/26/items/SilentMomentsTheDescriptionOfBeforeAfterDeathAspects/Silent%20Moments%20-%20The%20Description%20of%20Before%20&%20After%20Death%20Aspects.pdf)


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