NACAZAI argues against the New Left

 Grasp these truths clearly, that the question of morality in our era is not in its ever most primacy a question of right wing or left wing morality, secular or religious, but the question of whether on not the defense of morality should exist at all.  NACAZAI is in the camp with those who stand by the defense of the masses, of the nation state, spirituality,  progressive aspects of the people’s religious institutions, the sacred nuclear family, and of socio-political integrity as matter of principle.  The deathbed of dogmatic western leftism in favor of nationalist and religious principles in a number of countries is largely  the call for the primacy of the social mode over the individual as a globalist consumer.
  For this reason, we cannot agree with nor accept for the sake of political expediency deviant liberal leftist appeals to social decadence, excessively harsh attacks on religion and spirituality, militant cosmopolitanism over socialist patriotism,  a whole series of deviant fetish issues the pro-imperialist Zionist-controlled left make into red lines while negating genuine red lines based on opposing imperialism and Zionism while promoting National Liberation.
  One does not engage in proactive positive social upliftment and the defeat imperialism, Zionism, neo-colonialism, nor capitalism in these ever-destructive globalist times, by instilling in the masses weakness, lumpenism, degeneracy and fetishism, nor individualism and mammonism.  Rather, we argue that these destructive destractions are our enemies and that to love the masses is to strive for their greatness and not the acceptance and romanticism of their backwardness.
  NACAZAI thoroughly relishes its dismissal from organizations and personages it consider largely opportunistic anyways, and takes as a badge of honor complaints on our position against homosexual “liberation”, the imperialism destruction of all nations,  our opposition to the destruction of healthy family life or the liberalization of what that means, and our support for those righteous people who love God and from perceived divine guidance meet the enemy in combat.
 One does not build Socialist Revolution and smash imperialism and Zionism by the destruction social fabric in its entirety, as if the baby should be thrown out with the bath water.  That which is a positive historical example or accomplishment, whatever its limitation and our reservations toward it, must be defended at all costs.
  We cannot give the enemy one inch nor surrender the livability of our children and our children’s children by the erosion of social cohesion.   Alliances with these “leftist” military target enemies of humanity at the expense of the defense of the future generations is nothing less than treason.”

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