Democratic Kampuchea talks about it’s Foreign Policy

“Democratic Kampuchea, born after the great victory of April 17th, 1975, resolutely follows the policy of non-alignment. This is a strategical and non-occasional position, for it corresponds to the profound aspirations of our people. We have firmly abided by this position since 1955, and this position was constantly prevailing during the whole war for national and people’s liberation against the barbarous war of aggression of the US imperialists and their lackeys (1970-1975). After our victory, we have repeatedly proclaimed this position. Our constitution has made it clear as follows: ‘Democratic Kampuchea resolutely remains in the great family of non-aligned countries’.

For centuries, we had been victim of interventions, interferences and aggressions. During this period, we had lost a lot of our territories and our country was meanly reduced to slavery. Our national dignity was despised and our people had lived in the worst misery. We had almost completely lost our national soul. Now, our country and our people are liberated. Therefore, our people have recovered their national dignity together with their soul. They are endowed with ardent and pure patriotism. They have no feelings of contempt or hostility for the others. They have no intention of expansion, annexation or aggression with regard to any country. Our constitution stipulates as follows: ‘Democratic Kampuchea is endowed with goodwill and firmly determined to maintain close and friendly relations with all countries having common borders with her, and with all countries throughout the world, near or far, on the strict basis of mutual respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity.’

‘Democratic Kampuchea abides by a policy of independence, peace, neutrality and non-alignment. No foreign country whatever is allowed to establish military basis on her territory. She stands resolutely against all foreign interference in her internal affairs and fights resolutely against all subversive and aggressive acts from outside.’

‘Democratic Kampuchea never interferes in any case in the internal affairs of other countries. She scrupulously abides by the principles that every country is sovereign and has the right to dispose and decide by itself its internal affairs without foreign interference.’

Our country is small, with a small population and remains still poor. But our people, like other peoples, cherish independence and peace. Like other peoples too, they have to resolutely defend their national independence and their territorial integrity. Our people, like other peoples, need to be master of their own destiny, and in any case, they do not want any foreigner to do it at their place. Therefore, like other peoples, our people have to defend the principles of equality, mutual respect of independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and mutual interests. We have always respected and defended these principles, for these are the aspirations of our people. We all, small, medium-size and weak countries the world over, are extremely attached to these principles and are safeguarding and defending them resolutely. That is our profound conviction.

It is for this reason that Democratic Kampuchea remains in the great non-aligned family. The great non-aligned family is ours. The place of Democratic Kampuchea is in the great non-aligned family which we are sincerely attached to. We are determined to carry out our activities within this great family to defend and consolidate the sacred principles of non-alignment, and that, by all our forces and in accordance with the possibilities of our country which is just out from the war.

At the same time, Democratic Kampuchea does her utmost to jointly unite with and support the revolutionary movements of the peoples in the world and with the movements of struggle of the brotherly peoples in the Third World for independence, freedom, democracy, friendship and social progress. We will do everything to bring them support and we consider this as a revolutionary noble duty. Our country is small, our people remains still poor and we are just out from the war. Nevertheless, we try our best to express our solidarity with and bring them our support, particularly in the political and moral fields. Our determination is unshakable to remain, in all circumstances, by the side of the brotherly peoples of the Third Word against imperialism, colonialism and against any act of interference and aggression from outside.

We are firmly confident that the sacrifices consented by our people in their struggle for national and people’s liberation against the war of aggression of the U.S imperialist constitute a modest contribution to the struggle of the peoples of the world against imperialism and colonialism. They modestly contribute at the same time to the strengthening of the non-alignment principles.

Our people are convinced that their present efforts to win success in the pursuit of the Revolution in their country, in the rehabilitation of economy and in the national edification based on the principles of independence, sovereignty and self-reliance, will be another modest contribution to the revolutionary movements of the peoples in the world, to the movements of struggle of the brotherly peoples in the Third World, and to the consolidation of the cause of our great non-aligned family. Our slogan is the following: it is only by striving to carry out well our revolution by ourselves that we could well contribute to the revolution in the world and to struggle of the peoples of the Third World. ”



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