Ibn al-Khattab talks about being a good ally

“Here I want to clarify what Al-Nosra means (giving support). It is important to be prepared for every battle in any place. There is no difference if you know this area or not, or if you know anyone in it or not. You must come fully prepared, knowing how to use weapons and have knowledge about the military matters or other important matters regarding military actions. And you should coordinate with the people inside regarding military operations.”

“There is no difference in the battles of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Chechnya, Bosnia or somewhere else. Fighting is fighting brothers, the Ansar brothers who should come to support and help the people became a burden, they come to the field and ask for help from the people who need help?!”

“If we come to a cause and begin to ask its people for help, knocking on the doors of the leadership, asking for meetings, and demanding petrol, diesel, ammunition, plans for an ambush or operation then this not the true meaning of support. In reality you are only increasing the problems. These things happened but we tried to avoid it and didn’t allow anyone to interfere in our work.”

“We began to work and prepare. I said to the brothers that if anyone wants to be involved in any action he should be prepared and shouldn’t ask anything from anyone. It’s true that they came to support and coordinate under one leadership from that country, but going to battle and arranging the matters should be in the hands of the Ansar, if they were one group or more.”

“We explored the area and prepared all matters. We only asked the Tajik for one thing. We said to them: ‘We don’t want your money or weapons. We won’t cost you anything. We came to give you aid. We just want one thing: Mujahidin who you endorse and know, so that we train them and prepare them with everything. After those men are fully trained we can enter the battles. We have entered in front of those people. We shouldn’t urge people while we are sitting or talking through the radio. We should be in front of them. If we present anything good then it is for Islam and if we didn’t present anything we wouldn’t cost you anything. So that no one will say that Al-Ansar came to use from this group and we gave them weapons, ammunition and clothes, but they cheated us or they didn’t know what to do, or they cost us heavy expenses for nothing, and such talk that would be said by the hypocrites or who work on such matters.”

“To put everything on the shoulders of the Tajik is not right. There were many problems and the hypocrites were working from the inside. So unfortunately the brothers came out with a bad idea and said things that shouldn’t have been said. There was no need for these matters.”

“I remember that I met some good youth inside Dagestan. So I asked them why do you not participate with your brothers in the land of Chechnya. They said because there is Dzhokhar Dudayev and they the Chechens were Sufis, polythesists and such talk. So I began to discuss with them about somethng else because I coudn’t deny what they were saying. But I said to them, your enemy is one, which is the Russians, and you have one history and you have one Imam (Shamil). Dzhokar Dudayev won’t live forever, he will die and Islam will stay.”

“I said to them that what you are saying is wrong. Not about Dzhokar Dudayev. Maybe he is a communist- I don’t know him- and if the Chechens are Sufis, you can carry the right Aqeeda and you have to participate, and no one can force you to be under the command of those people.”

“I swear to Allah that I cried when I asked an old lady: ‘How long will you hold out?’, she said: ‘We want to get rid of the Russians’, and I asked her: ‘Why are you fighting?’, she said: ‘We want to live as Muslims and dont want to live with the Russians’. So I asked her: ‘What can you give the mujahidin?’, she said: ‘I have nothing but my jacket which I’m wearing.’ So I cried, if this old woman can help the mujahidin with this, why are we afraid and hesitant?”

“What I wish from the soldiers of Islam is that, if they go to a cause that they directly coordinate with the supreme leadership, visit the region and study it and then prepare for everything from transportation and ammunition, etc… and arrange all the matters, then immediately at one time the groups enter, and begin to train the people. This is the experience we benefited from after the fighting.”

“For example in Afghanistan we had a big problem. They established institutions, universities and big matters regarding the Dawah, Jazahom Allah Khayran. There were people with a certain methodology and others with a second and third methodology, but the people did their best. But after four years of study what will be the fate of the student? He will work as a manager in that guest house or immigrat to the Gulf to learn Arabic or becomes a merchant. What should have been done is; complete the chain that started and you would have established a great base after that, you can send him to the fronts or to another group.”

“Also we shouldn’t interfere in internal problems and respond only if we were assulted, and we respond in the same way. But to enter and support some of the groups over others, then no. Many people tried to drag us to such problems, but with the grace of Allah, we closed that road.”

“We also have to stay away from discussions and arguments that have no benefit, especially with the heads of the people and the elderly. It’s up to them and they won’t understand the issue. There are youths who are more important; they are in need of Dawah and education. We need to organize programs for that.”

(Source: https://ia600302.us.archive.org/29/items/TheMemoriesOfAmirKhattabTheExperienceOfTheArabAnsarInChechnya/Memories.pdf )

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