Socialist Albania talks about ‘non-alignment’ and the theory of ‘three worlds’

“The idea of ‘non-alignment’ serves the counter revolution and the preservation of neo-colonialism. It is an attempt to decieve the peoples while inviting neo-colonialism to cede in regard to some worthless economic reforms, but which are important to those who give such hand-outs. By giving such alms they want the peoples to place themselves completely under neo-colonialst hegemony and submit to it.

By praising ‘non-alignment’, Hua Kuo-feng, who poses as the champion of the ‘third world’, tries to show that his ‘third world’ and the ‘non-aligned’ world are one and the same thing, that the strategy of this world must suit the Chinese policy, that China, Peking, must be its center. When he criticizes the Soviet social imperialists of having tried to subject the movement of the non-aligned to their expansionist aims, he actually proves that he is contending with them to achieve the same objectives and the same aims.

But the peoples of the world need neither the theories of the ‘non-aligned’, nor those of ‘three worlds’. These theories, advertized by the bourgeosie and reaction with so much zeal and care do not favour the revolution and liberation stuggles, but harm them. They do not assist the working masses and peoples in their revolutionary struggle to get rid of oppression and exploitation, to do away with the oppression and enslavement of their nations, to secure their freedom and national sovereignty, but, on the contrary, assist¬†imperialism to preserve the existing status quo, to strenghen and perpetuate the odious capitalist and colonialist system.

The truth- and we say it openly and frankly, just as we think and judge it- will never destry the friendship of our people with the Yugoslav and Chinese peoples, or with any other people. The Party of Labour and the PSR of Albania have never been afraid of airing their views openly, without hiding them behind formulas. The friendly people know and appraise our views.”

(Source:’sVisitToBalkans-1978.pdf )

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