Opinion: ‘Brocialism’ is silly and identity politics will never bring actual change

(Source for the image: http://sjwiki.org/wiki/Brocialism#.WTOVvWjyuMp )

This is a really silly image, but I find it fascinating that there are ‘leftists’ that would ever phrase the quoting of the leaders of the past revolutions as ‘dead white dudes.’ I will acknowledge that the comic is mocking a ‘manarchist,’ however this comic was found on a section devoted to talking about brocialism, so it’s linking an anarchistic idea with a socialistic idea, even though the two ideas are very different.

Revolutionary politics isn’t a difficult thing, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to set forward a platform that most people can get behind. However when you submit a platform that you know that only a smaller number of people will rally behind then you can only expect people to shy away from that platform because they aren’t willing to die for those issues. The reason why revolution hasn’t broken out in the first world is because people don’t feel the urge to do revolution, there isn’t a lot of revolutionary need here, granted it would be preferable and it should happen, but the majority of first world people don’t care enough to do it.

Revolution also occurs based on the actual situation within the country, the working class and the peasantry are more likely to actually carry out a socialistic revolution simply based on past experiences, but there has to be an actual need from a group of people to carry out revolution and they have to have some kind of ability to win.

This is why the Asian countries were able to revolt in the manner that they did, the peasantry majority had revolutionary potential  based on their material conditions.

A simple platform for the first world parties would probably consist of the following:

1.) Anti-Imperialism: opposition to foreign wars, withdrawing troops from occupied territory and using that money to rebuild our economies in the west.

2.) A louder voice for unions and workers in general: unions in the United States have historically been the loudest voice for revolution, working class people have been abandoned by the politics of this country and no one really speaks for them anymore. For more information on this subject you should check out Daniel De Leon’s writings, he did a lot of thinking about the role of unions in a socialist society.

3.) Secession for the different peoples within the United States: It’s a right that was given to the people’s of the Russian Empire and it was a right that’s in the Constitution of the United States, there is something wrong with forcing different groups of people to be within a country they don’t want to be part of. It’s understandable that different people won’t be entirely comfortable with this, however there have been calls for secession for different nations within the U.S going back as far as the late 1800’s.

4.) Freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas: As revolutionaries we need to acknowledge that freedom of speech is a right, we need to stand up for people’s right to speak their minds. We cannot allow speech to be stifled because the moment it is for someone else it’ll for sure be for us soon. The libertarians and the Alt-right beat us to this one, they’re the ones that have a monopoly on being the ones in charge of this fight against identity politics, but we as the true left and right need to stand up as well especially because freedom of speech will allow us to speak out against the atrocities going on in the third world.

I’d like to finish this post with a couple of words from Comrade Kim Il Sung

Thank you for reading


“Who, then, is to lead this revolution: the working class, or the capitalist class? In the past, the capitalist class of Korea exploited and oppressed the Korean people and decieved the people with the slogans of ‘national reform’ and ‘self-government of the nation’ in collaboration with Japanese imperialism. Of course, we do not mean that there did not exist national capitalists at all who turned against Japanese imperialism

It was the working class of Korea that fought courageously against Japanese imperialism to the bitter end. Though the Communist Party of Korea, founded in 1925, was dissolved in 1928 due to factional strife, that did not mean the end of the communist movement. From the 1930’s on the Communists of Korea fought against Japanese imperialism, weapons in hand.

It goes without saying that the capitalist class of Korea that capitulated to Japanese imperialism and collaborated with it, is not entitled to lead the revolution. Only the working class that fought bravely against Japanese imperialism to the end can and must lead the Korean revolution.”

(Source: The Building of a New Korea and the National United Front)

“Needless to say, as our united front is a united front for the building of a Democratic People’s Republic, a coalition with the lackeys of a Japanese imperialism is utterly inconceivable. We can and should join hands with those consienctious national capitalists who want to build an independent and democratic state. Only the formation of a united front of this type will enable us to build a Democratic People’s Republic and rally together the masses of the people in all walks of life.

The Communist Party must not be inert or passive in this struggle. In the struggle to establish a Democratic People’s Republic the Communists should play the most active and positive role and should be at the head of the masses of the people and lead them forward. Only when they do so will the masses of people follow the Communist Party.”

(Source: The Building of a New Korea and the National United Front)


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