Alfred Rosenberg talks about finance capitalism and national-socialism

The following is a very good article written by Alfred Rosenberg that outlines how national-socialism and the majority of national-socialists viewed capitalism of the western model, it wasn’t even the left of the party, the national-socialists were both left and right at the same time, it was a socialism that combined both the left and the right and combated the class struggle through the state and the nation.

So check out this piece, it’s really interesting and provides a really hidden view of the national-socialists of Germany at that time, it’s a view that doesn’t really get out much and shows that there was a lot of variety within the German parties at that time.

History isn’t simple, it takes a lot of resources to study and isn’t as simple as calling someone a fascist or a communist.

The article is right here-

“Nationalism pertains mainly to foreign policy while socialism is the domestic complement. Corresponding manifestations are the army and the police. We want to bring together the two currents that splash around the middle, the strongly nationalist movement and the strongly socialist movement purged of Marxism. Therefore National-Socialism distinguishes itself from the religion of the Second Reich- from National-Liberalism- which is distinguished on the one side by unlimited exploitation, on the other by charity. On one side the ladle of finance scoops away small savings; on the other side nursing homes and hospitals appear. This is most evident today in America, where exploitation has already become a condition that is encouraged. The stock-jobber who has robbed a people for 60 years, in the 65th year builds a hospital for his victims”- Alfred Rosenberg


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