MGTOW on an international and national stage as seen by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

“We know we have to enter politics somewhere, but we don’t want the kind of politics which the whiteman has set up for you. We don’t want to follow that way. I am now looking at an example of clean politics from the nation of Asia and portion of Africa. This type of politics will make you a better man. They don’t have robbery and deceitful politics which you are born under, here in America’s way of politics. We don’t what no thieves in our nation. As it is written, Jesus said, and I say the same, ‘all before me were thieves and robbers.’ Jesus could not have said that, because that would have meant that all prophets before him were thieves and robbers, but I can say it absolutely and prove it.

We don’t want to build a nation on the basis of who can rob the other the quickest and get the most. We want to build up a nation with a clean heart and hands, to deal with the their people in the way of justice and righteous. We do t want any robbers. We can’t use a robber; especially after being robbed to death by our enemy, the slave master’s children.

We want to build a world for the black man. The white world is moving off the scene. If you don’t know it, I’ll show it to you. You’ve got to do something for yourself or else. I’m not saying this just to be talking, I’m talking to hear from you. We’ve got to do something for self. I have the key to doing for self. If you will come get yours, I will have it.

At the present time, as you probably know, many countries are, for the first time, uniting themselves. Here we are, the poor forgotten people in Americs, singing old glory to Allah, glory to the Lord, glory to Jesus and doing nothing about making that glory. Make your glory for yourself. Stop laying around the other fellow’s gate, begging him to make you a glorious place.”- The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

(Source: The Theology of Time: Secret of time, p.294)

3 thoughts on “MGTOW on an international and national stage as seen by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

    • I can see why you’d say that, but I’m of the opinion that MGTOW at it’s core is about independence of thought, economics and direction. If you’re a man going your own way then you’re going to be worried about your independence on a local and personal level, the same goes for countries and nations.


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