Why is Israel there? By Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri

” The establishment of Israel has been a western objective for over two centuries. The Israeli presence in the region was considered a basic guarantee for serving the western interests. Israel separates between Egypt and Syria, the two regions that for two centuries served as a wall of steadfastness against the Crusades and the Tatar conquests and that continue to this day to constitute a considerable human weight in the heart of the Islamic world

Let us remember Napoleon Bonaparte’s statement to the Jews following his invasion of Egypt and his failure to conquer Akko in 1799. Remember Bonaparte’s call to the Jews, whom he referred to as the ‘legitimate heirs to Palestine.’ Bonaparte’s message to the Muslims and his flirtation with Islam was a brazen act of deception while his call to the Jews was a different case.

Anwar al-Mujahideen was not the first to sign a separate deal between Israel and the Arabs. Prince Faysal did that before him. The latter wanted to buy his kingdom from the British by selling Palestine to the Jews.

During the 1973 war, when the United States shipped weapons, ammunition, and tanks to Israel for 33 days, the goal was to compensate Israel for its war losses and to swiftly upgrade the combat capabilities. This is one of many examples about the US flagrant support for Israel, including the US pressure on Egypt to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty at a time when Israel publicly declared that it will not sign the treaty because of its special circumstances. Despite this, the United States sympathizes with Israel and overlooks its actions. This means that the United States has deliberately left the nuclear weapons in the hands of Israel to threaten its Arab neighbors.

The western states tried for over two centuries to establish Israel. They considered its presence in the region a basic guarantee for serving the Western interests. Israel separates Egypt and Syria, the two major regions that for several years served as a wall of steadfastness against the Crusades and the Tartar conquests. Until this day they constitute a considerable human weight in the heart of the Islamic world.

As for France, it has tried since the end of the 18th Century to establish Israel. Here are some examples:

When Napoleon Bonaparte headed for Syria, following his invasion of Egypt, he failed to conquer Akko in 1799. As a result, he issued his famous call to the Jews everywhere. His statement was distributed in Palestine as well as simultaneously in France, Italy, the German provinces, and Spain. This indicates that the issue was far greater than a local incident that Bonaparte faced, having failed to conquer the walls of Jerusalem. The statement said:

From Napoleon Bonaparte, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces in the French Republic in Africa and Asia, to the legitimate heirs of Palestine:

O Israelis; O unique people; the forces of conquest and tyranny have failed to deprive you of your origin and national existence although they deprive you of the land of your ancestors.

The neutral and rational observes of people’s destiny, although they lacked the powers of prophets such as Isaiah and Joel, have realized the prophecies predicted by these prophets through their sublime faith; namely, that God’s slaves (the word Israel in Hebrew means the slave of God) will return to Zion and chant. They will be overwhelmed with joy when they restore their kingdom without fear. Rise forcefully, O those expelled in the wilderness. You are facing a fierce battle waged by your people, after the enemy had considered the land inherited from the forefathers a booty to be divided among them as they wish.”

(Source- His Own Words: The Writings of Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, pg. 176-179)

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