Death and Dying: An Islamic Perspective

” All thanks are due to Allah, Who said:

‘Know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children.’ (57:20)

And may Allah’s peace and blessings be on the most honorable Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh)

It is a fact that materialism, which has taken over the lives of so many people, played a major role in turning mankind away from thinking about their final destination and imminent end. Consequently, their religious resolve and strength have succubmbed to various weaknesses and shortcomings, and ignoring the rights of Allah the Exalted and Ever-High, has become rampant. ” (Pg.7)

” We see the door to death wide open and the number of graves increase. This is death, everyday it touches us somehow and warns us every moment. Did we ask ourselves about our next life, knowing that:

‘Death is a door through which all must pass, I wonder what type of dwelling this door is leading to? If you work in Allah’s Pleasure, then your dwelling will be the Garden of Eternity, but if you fall into shortcomings, then it will be the Fire.'(Poetry)

If you remember and your heart becomes afraid, then your heart will be headed towards righteousness and success, just as Ad-Daqqaq asserted:

‘He who often remembers death will be endowed with three qualities: repenting soon afterwards, having a contentful heart and being active preforming acts of worship. He who forgets death will earn, as way of recompense, three characteristics: delaying repentance, discontent with sufficient provisions and being lazy performing the acts of worship.’

We only rememebr death when it strikes and its affliction comes, and if we are reminded that someone has died, we might rememeber death then, as if it is the path of that person alone. Therefore, we grieve for losing the dead, but we do not realize what will befall us tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

However, those who think about the reprecussions of life will become aware, and those who are certain that the path is long, will prepare for the journey.

Dear Reader!

It is a right on he whose demise will be by death, whose bed will be sand and who will have worms as companions, Munkar and Nakir as associates, the grave as residence, the belly of the earth as dwelling, the Day of Resurrection as the appointed Meeting time and Paradise or Hell as destination, to only think about death and remember it often. He ought to prepart for death, indulge in its affairs, long for its coming and seek its path. He ought to consider himself among the dead and see himself among the residents of the graves. Certainly, all that shall come to pass is near, while what will not come is far away. Moreover, perparing for a thing is only made easy by the heart often remembering it, and this only occurs by listening to ways and means that remind of it and contemplating about whatever alerts us to its imminence. ” (Pg.21-22)


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