An Example of how Party Politics Works

” Among the papers that shouted for war with Spain in ’98 was the Washington Times. Then, as now, it was a rabid Democratic paper; and being published at the seat of government, it was, and is, in a sense, the National organ of the Democratic Party. Therefore, its utterances are representative of its party.

The war with Spain was the opportunity waited for by the larger capitalists to enter upon an era of conquest which they term expansion. During the outburst of ‘patriotism’ occasioned thereby, an increase in the army could be made, and the navy made a more effective weapon for purposes of conquest and spoliation, with large drippings incidentally.

The Democrats were used as the cat’s-paw to drag the chestnut of imperialism out of the fire of sentimentalism engendered by the sensational press. Since then these same Democrats have been objecting strenuously to the use the Republicans made of their attempt to make capital for themselves.

Now with the traitor Republican Party entering into an alliance with the capitalists of England and Japan for the further conquest of China, we find this same Republican party, itching as it is, to begin operations in behalf of the laboring skinning and striking-murdering imperialists, being taunted with indecision and neglect of a sacred duty by the self-same Washington Times, which in ’98 so kindly assisted at the birth of imperialism. That paper in its issue of June 30 utters editorially te following:

“If it be true that the ministers have been peremptorily ordered to leave the Chinese Capital that action is absolutely tantamount to a declaration of war and destroys the LAST EXCUSE the Administration could have for delaying action.”

Here is vividly proved that Democrat spells Republican, that they are one and the same.

There is an old story of the man who was so well known as a thief and all ’round scoundrel that no one trusted him; and fearing his being so well known would prevent his getting others off their guard sufficiently to allow him to deprive them of their valuables, he entered into partnership with a supposedly virtuous individual. This man would get so wrought up denouncing him that a crowd would gather and cheer themselves hoarse over his utterances. All the while he was holding forth, thus distracting the attention of the multitude away from their property, his partner would be engaged in robbing their houses.

The partnership was a very lucrative one, while it lasted, and both partners grew exceedingly gleeful over the easy way in which they fooled the crowd, until, at last, the fact being discovered that they were partners- owing to certain hard-headed individuals putting two and two together- they were incontinently hung, as dangerous to the peace and welfare of the people.

So let it be with the Republican and Democratic parties. Both are and have been thieves; both are and have been guilty of infamous crimes against the peace and welfare of the people of these United States; and both deserve hanging at the polls on election day.”

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