A quick organizational update

This is an announcement that should have been made at the beginning of the month, however it got lost under the other articles that we have been trying to put out. 14:11 picked up an editor as March began, his name is 2, and I’m sure he’ll be posting things here and there as he strives to present a different point of view to our site.

14:11 is all about different perspectives, it’s based on the idea that there are multiple ways of seeing a situation, it is personified in the expression “neither left nor right.” We strive to look beyond the simplicities of the political compass, only people who are willing to address the real issues will begin to make any kind of lasting change to the problems of this world.

Likewise, if anyone in the future wants to send in material to be posted please email us at 1411printing@gmail.com

We hope you continue to enjoy our selections


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