A brief mention of a good source on ‘National-Bolshevism’

This is a really good article that talks not only about the roots of National-Bolshevism, but also how it relates to the modern left and right. One of the really beautiful things about so-called Third Way ideas is that they’re really able to transcend the political spectrum and look at issues through an all encompassing lenses.

One of the topics the article talks about is the ‘New World Order’ and it falls into the usual blaming of international organizations and internationalist people, however one of the things that the writers that we’ve reprinted have always mentioned is that it’s not really a problem of organizations or people, rather it’s a systematic problem of financial capital on an international scale.

So while we at 14:11 don’t have one specific message, this article is definitely worth checking out because Third Way thinking doesn’t get much coverage and it’s usually dismissed by both sides of the aisle. There’s a vast collection of ideas and ways of solving problems if we simply look deep enough.

Here’s the article: https://vansternationell.wordpress.com/national-bolshevik-documents/conservative-revolution-national-revolution-and-national-bolshevism-revisited-the-social-revolutionary-nature-of-australian-nationalism/

Side note: There was a really good article that I found a while ago about Josip Tito and how Yugoslavia handled it’s different national questions, the idea itself was called Brotherhood and Unity but I can’t find the article anymore. However, I will post a link to a collection of Tito’s writings, and there is also an archive of different things that the Yugoslav Partisans wrote during World War 2. I’ll also post a link to an archive of Enver Hoxha’s writings as well because most people either love one or the other. They both have their faults and issues, but 14:11 wants to make both of their messages available to the people.

Tito’s writings:  https://www.marxists.org/archive/tito/index.htm

Hoxha’s writings:  https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/hoxha/works-index.htm

Have a blessed day



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