Gottfried Feder talked about “interest slavery” and the value of money before Zeitgeist and documentaries like it

“So what is understood by ‘interest slavery’? By  interest slavery is to be understood the interest-bound debt of the state and people to the superanational financial powers. Here therefore it is a matter of a new form of slavery, of the slavery to the rule of finance. This slavery is more frightful and cruel than any form of rule ever was under the rule of absolute princes, because it is exercised in an impersonal way, without an human feeling, obsessed only with an insatiable instinct to expand and enlarge, with a greed for power without comparision.

The customary expression for the existence of this rule is: ‘money moves the world’. But here money is only used as a symbol of mastery for financial power. Money itself, the metal and paper currencies, are in themselves naturally neither good nor bad, and exercise no sort of rule. Money as a currency is indispensable for the exchange of goods and services. That is why all attempts to deal with the rule of the financial powers from the side of money alone are from the start erroneous and doomed to ineffectiveness, because in this rule we are not indeed dealing with a question of the narrow monetary system but with questions of power.”- Gottfried Feder (The German State on a National and Socialist Foundation)

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